Chapter 8 Chaim Efron (St. Paul Efrons), son of Ephraim Tsinne’s


Not until March 2010 did I learn that Chaim Efron, father of Ephraim Simcha, was a son of Ephraim (Ephraim Tsinne’s) Efron. [RS074]. DNA testing has shown conclusively that this branch – the “St. Paul Efrons,” are related to the other descendants of Tsinne and Leib of Amdur. Until this census record was located, RS074, it was not known how they were related. This census record was part of a large project I initiated and managed which abstracted more than 22,000 census (Revision list) entries from the Uezds (counties) of Grodno and Volkovysk, located in what was once (1850, 1858) known as Grodno Gubernia (state). Revision list records obtained from the mid-1800s for Izabelin and Volkovysk, not to mention Amdur and other nearby towns, do not list this family.


RS074 shows Chaim’s age, and thereby his father’s age can be estimated. Ephraim Tsinne’s was probably born around 1895, which makes him . likely to be the same as the Ephraim Tsinne’s who was a son of Leib and Tsinne, who is mentioned in Sam Effron’s genealogy [GEN029-SD], and the same as the Ephraim who is listed in the 1818 census (see Chapter 7).


Chaim Efron, b. 1826, Grodno City, d. possibly in Izabelin, Volkovysk, Belarus, married Sheina Khaia Rosenschein, b. abt. 1828. [RS074; DEATH148-SD; CEM009-SD; ; CEM004-SD; CEM007-SD] His family lived in Izabelin and Volkovysk.


Nearly all records indicate his given name is simply Chaim, with the one exception of Sarah Bulgatz’s gravestone, which has her father’s name, in Hebrew, as “Shmuel Chaim” [CEM004-SD]. The name Chaim is often paired with another given name, so this is not surprising. It is surprising thought that no other record refers to him as Shmuel.


Chaim likely died before 1875 because a grandson, Chaim Rosenshein, shares the same first name, and tradition does not permit naming after a living ancestor. Even without revision list entry RS074 data matched very well with the predicted ages for Chaim and Ephraim.


Two of Chaim's brothers were killed fighting the Russians -- most likely during the 1835 Polish revolt, according to oral history passed on to Joe Rosenshein.


Incredibly, I found a link to my YARIN family history here, which is on my father’s side of the family, though my mother’s side of the family is how I’m connected to the Efron family!. The discovery started when I was given the email address of Professor Alexander “Sasha” Yarin by a Yarin cousin, who was searching the web for other Yarins, just for fun. Sasha and I determined that we were likely distant Yarin cousins. However, in the course of our initial correspondence, I mentioned that I had not put all that much effort into my Yarin research because I was doing research on the Efron family (never miss an opportunity to mention the name “Efron”!). His response was “Yes, I am related also to the Efron family.” His statement was casual, but I sure was shocked!


To get more information about the Efron branch of his family, Sasha Yarin contacted his mother, a Russian native who emigrated with her family to Israel. Through Sash I learned that their Efron family consisted of four brothers who emigrated to Sao Paolo (and their own relative, a sister of the brothers, who stayed in Russia). I was told the Yiddish names of the brothers: Leib, Yosef, Baruch, etc. I was unable to locate any Efrons living in Brazil after taking a trip to the library to check Brazilian phone books (those were the good old days!). Then one day, just walking down the street contemplating Efron genealogy mysteries, it hit me: Not Sao Paolo – St. Paul!!!


The Yarin connection in this branch was given the privileged status of “member of the third guild,” according to Sasha. The very first family tree I ever made (in 1985?), while interviewing my father’s father, included a mention of a Yarin relative – probably the same individual Sasha mentioned – who my Yarin grandfather (Grandpa was not the Efron side of my family!) told me was a brother of his father, and was called “perva-mo Gillida Kopetz.” [GEN024-SD]

 Years later, but before meeting Sasha, I learned that is a title meaning “member of the third guild.”


According to the ship arrival for David Efron, Faitel Rabinowitz is a cousin living in Izabelin.  The Unbroken Chain lists Shraga Fajtel Rabinowitz, ABD (Av Bet Din – head of the rabbinical court) of Izabelin-Brooklyn, and author of Imrei Shefer (Vilna, 1929) [MISC139-SD1-SD2-SD3], and it says there that he is married to the daughter of Joseph Samuel, son of Haim Rosenshein. Although David Efron referred to Faitel as his cousin, in reality it is Fatel’s wife who is his cousin. Shraga Fajtel’s father is R. Joseph Isaac Rabinowitz, b. Stolpce in 1844; his mother was Blume Rabinowitz, daughter of Israel (who was a brother of Joseph Isaac). (TUC, p. 372). See below for more Rosenshein family details.


One Dora Efron of Vileika is an investor in the Jewish Colonial Trust, according to the website set up for the JCT. I don’t think this is the wife of Morris because they appear to have been married in the U.S. Vileika is the town to which the family was registered at the time that David Efron was investigated by the Czarist Police -- see below.


There was a Fannie Efron, b. abt. 1888 or 1891, d. 4/17/1921, Nicollet County, MN [CEN1070; CEN2031; DEATH099] In 1920 she was married 2 years has with no children, and at the St. Peter State Hospital in St. Peter, MN. Her relation to the other Efrons of St. Paul is not known.


One descendent of the St. Paul branch described the Efron men as “short and stocky and very handsome, with brown eyes and dark hair.”


The known children of Chaim are:


Ephraim Simcha

Joseph Shmuel Rosenshein

Julia Mintz

Sarah Bulgatz


Anna Nachimoff


Acknowledgements: Joe Rosenshein; Arthur Efron; Charlie Peasha (RAGK volunteer); Hudroff Epstein (help with burial information); Barbara McIlvain; Aaron Efron, Herbert Efron; Bernard Efron; Susan Hoffman (Program Assoc., Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest); Jo Ann Cohen Bleu; Morton Goldberg; Michael Press; Art Rosenshein; Libby Shapiro; Susan Weinberg, Minnesotta; Herbert Efron; Michael David “Menash Dovid” Efron; Esther Landsberg; Dr. Donald Klass; Fritzie Brand; Stan Efron; Helene Strasser; Marvin Blatz, Jeff Stanton, Alexander Yarin; Leonid Yarin




Efroim Simcha, son of Chaim Efron, son of Efroim Tsinne’s


Efroim Simcha, b. 1849, d. Russia prior to 11/1921, married Bashe Rachel “Bessie” (Beatrice) Kinitsky (Kosonitsky?), Boinson or Rudinsky, b. 1853, Izabelin, d. 7/11/1936, St. Paul, MN. [CEN3081; DEATH002; DEATH100; OBIT081] The age of the Efroim Simcha Efron found in RS074 is very close to the predicted age of Ephraim, the father of the St. Paul Efrons, based on his childrens’ ages and his wife’ age. [RS074] Ephrom Simcha is identified as a son of Chaim in a record of the Czarist Police [GARF002-SD1-SD2].


Several names are given for the wife of Efroim Simcha. Hinda, the daughter of Efroim Simcha, married David Rudinsky, so the reference of Bessie’s maiden name as Rudnitsky might be an error caused by some confustion (or, Hinda married a cousin, perhaps). The obituary for Bessie says her brother’s name is Boinson (should be Berenson?) [OBIT081], but her death certificate says her father was “B. Kinitsky” [DEATH100] . Her children’s uncle, presumably her brother, has not been found. His name is Kartnicky(?) and he is an uncle to whom Max and Joseph are going to upon arrival in the US [ARR095-SD] No Efron references to this name or a variation have been found in any Volkovysk or Izabelin revision list records (e.g., 1853 and 1858). Other research for Joseph Krasnitzky and spelling variations have not turned up any good possibilities for this person.


Three of Ephraim Simcha’s grandsons were named Miles Efron. Why? “The 3 Mileses: I never understood why there were so many myself until about 10 (?) years ago, when I was told that there was once a childless man in the Twin Cities named Miles. He had some money to leave in his will, and three Efron families thought they might tempt him to leave it to one of them by naming their baby boys Miles. This sounds like it might be true. All 3 families were disappointed: he left nothing to any of them.” (Art Efron)


In 1921, Rasca arrived in the US as a widow wither her son David and his family [ARR001-SD1-SD2]


The known children of Ephraim Simcha are:

Samuel H.






Herman (Hirsch)

Hinda Rudnitsky


There were also four additional sons, but nothing is known about them. Alexander Yarin was told by his grandmother, Reizel Sakhar, that Hinda Rudnitzky was the youngest, and that there were 11 brothers. The four unidentified brothers may have died young, or may have been step-siblings. Czarist police records only list the above children [GARF002-SD1-SD2]


>          Samuel (Shmuel) H., b. 4/1872 (or abt. 1874), Warsaw, d. 10/8/1956, married 12/8/1901 to Anna S. Marks, b. abt. 1883, Warsaw, d. 7/19/1923 [MAR160; CEN2036; MN death index]. He left Germany in 1891 with his brother Mosche with a stopover in England on his way to America [ARR260; CEN3081] and was naturalized in 1896. In 1920 they lived on Ashland Ave., St. Paul. In 1900 Samuel Effron lived at 625 Jackson St. in St. Paul. He was then living with his cousin, Benjamin Levenson, whose wife Ester and he have four sons (see below). In 1900 Samuel is a jewelry dealer. He and Anna Marks were married by Rabbi Aronsohn, and the Abrahams family played a major part in the wedding ceremony [MAR160].  Sam had pawn shops with his brother Max. Samuel Efron came from Volkovysk [BE]


Could this Sam Efron be the same as the fictional Sam Efron of Upon Thy Doorposts? It is a story of a pioneer Jewish family in Wisconsin, Markofsky, and one part is about the procurement of a groom, one wealthy, St. Paul Jew named Sam Efron.


>          married 2. Sarah Benitsky (?), b. abt. 1881, Russia. She arrived in 1905.  She was previously married to Feivel Levin [cite] and they settled in North Dakota. From that marriage she had four (known) children: Susie, born abt. 1906 in MN; Max, b. abt. 1910 in ND; Louis b. abt. 1912, ND; and Leah, b. abt. 1914, ND. [CEN3081] In 1920, Sarah’s mother, Leah Bernitsky(?), lives with Sarah and her family. [MN death index d. 12/1/1951 – verify – who is this for?] Leah was widowed, as shown in the 1920 census in ND.  Sarah was widowed by her first husband, Philip (Feivel) [SOURCE?], who was b. in 1877, Grodno, and was the son of Litman Levin.


In 1930 Samuel is the proprietor of a sporting goods store and has married his second wife. Her children from her first marriage live with them.


According to an account of the Levenson family history, Samuel’s wife was Sophie Levenson, daughter of Moishe Levenson, and she is Samuel’s cousin, but this has not been verified [GEN033-SD]; if correct, is Sophie the same as Sarah? Or maybe she was Sora Esther, and the first wife of Samuel?


>          Morris (Moshe) Efron, b. 1879, Poland, d. /6/13/1944., MN. In the 1920 census he is 43 years old and living at a hotel in St. Paul. He was born in Poland and arrived in 1891 with his brother Samuel. [ARR260; CEM006-SD; See CEN2034; MN Death indexes]. They did not have any children.


>          Max E. (Mordko or Mordche) Efron, b. Russia, 4/12/1881 or 4/16/1878, d. L.A., CA 9/3/1975 [SSDI045R; ARR095-SD; CEN3083; OBIT002], married abt. 1907 to Dinah R. Silber (Sadie [BEM]), b. Russia, 6/26/1885, d. L.A., CA 12/19/1972 [OBIT003]. He arrived in 1903 with his brother Joseph 1882 [ARR095-SD], and by 1920 he had taken out his first papers. He had a complex estate in L.A. when he died. His arrival states that he and Joseph were going to their uncle, Jas (Jos.?) Krasnicky (?),  who resides at 159 East Broadway, NY, though they are released to their brother. In 1930 he is a watchmaker and lives with Dinah in Minneapolis. She arrived in 1902. They did not have any children.


In 1920 he works with Isadore Engler in the jewelry business Efron & Engler at 108 Washington Ave. S., and lives at 1214 James Av. North. [DIR051] He may be the Max Efron whose 1907 lawsuit decision was published. The Minnesota case involved Max Efron, a landlord, who was trying to recover some portion of his property. [MISC007]


>          Joseph Efron, b. abt. 1882 [ARR095-SD], married abt. 1912 to Molly Schlacter (Slater), b. 6/13/1892, Poland or MN, d. 3/1977, St. Paul [~CEN20; CEN3085; SSDI048]. He arrived in 1903 with Max and joined his uncle at 159 E. Broadway, NYC. They lived in St. Paul in 1930. Her parents were born in Russia.


>          Benjamin (Baruch) Efron, b. 7/4/1885 or 1886, d. 3/-/1964 [SSDI046R-SD; ARR021-SD; CEN2177; CEN3224], married Alice Markofski (Floyd’s death cert) [DEATH--], b. 10/17/1896, Minneapolis, d. 12/1976, Minneapolis, MN [SSDI051]. His ship 1906 arrival [ARR021-SD], says Baruch Efron is meeting his cousin, Max Safilansky (?), of 29 Nassau Street. That ship arrival says he was born in Vilna, which does not match up with other information known about this family, but this does appear to be his ship arrival record (like his brothers he is a “widlak maker”. In 1936 Benjamin worked for Max Efron. In 1920 he works for Nathan Silverebush and lives in flat 4 at 1120 11th Ave. North, St. Paul. [DIR051]. In 1912 he is in business with his cousin, name of Sains. [DIR 076]


>          David Noah Efron, b. 3/20/1889 Izabelin, d. St. Paul, 9/-/1970 [SSDI047], married Anna (Chana) Stern (Stein?), b. abt. 1896, Izabelin [SSDI052; CEN3084]. David, with his wife mother and son Aaron arrived at New York on 11/14/1921 on the SS Baltic, sailing from Liverpool. David is a clockmaker, and Rasca (sp?) is a widow. They all last resided in Izabelin, Grodzuenski, where their cousin Fajtel Robinowize lived. They all have dark complexions, with brown hair and brown eyes. [ARR001-SD1-SD2]


According to the GARF records [GARF002-SD1-SD2], in the infantry regiment 18, 6th company was a soldier of Novograd-Volinian, David Efron, son of Efroim Simcha. He had a passport from the Vileika town board, was listed in an entry fom the synagogue register of Volkovysk and a certificate from the town of Vileika school that he has graduated from the “4th classes.”The father of Efroim Simcha, the documents also states, is Khaim; his mother is Basia, and his brothers are Samuil, Moisey, Mordko, Iosif and Borukh, who are all in the US, his brother Gersh is in Warsaw, and his sister Ginda is married to Duvid Rudnitskyi in Vileika.


 “My mother’s family was Sztyrn, now Stern. My father met his brother-in-law to-be in the hospital after both were wounded in an early battle in WW1 on the Austrian front. Uncle-to-be Isaac took David Noah Efron to meet his sister Chana (Anna).”

(Stan Efron)


David served from 1907 to 1918 in the Russian army and rose to the rank of corporal. (Stan Efron)


>          Hirsh “Herman” Efron, lived in Warsaw.  [GARF002-SD1-SD2; OBIT081] Alexander Yarin and other family members knew of him. No other information is known about him.


>          Hinda Rudinsky, d. 1941, Dneprovysk, Holocaust, married David Rudnitzky (Rudinsky, Rudnitsky, Runitsky), d. Holocaust. [OBIT081] They lived in Vileika [GARF002-SD1-SD2]. He was the son of Moshe (Moise) Rudnitzky and was involved in the lumber business. This family’s information came from Alexander Yarin. The link to this branch initially came from the GARF records [add Yad Vashem records for Ginda and David Rudnitzki, submitted by grandson Nisel Sakharov of Russia in 1990 and great-grandson Alexander Yarin (spelled Iarin on record) of Israel.].


Coincidentally, the author of this genealogy appears to be related to Alexander on the Yarin side – see above.


Alexander “Sasha” Yarin knows that Hinda was the youngest of eleven children, all the rest being boys. Some of the brothers may not have survived to adulthood. In turn, Hinda and David Rudnitzky had six children, four of whom reached adulthood.


 “Sonya … was Sophya Davidovna Rudnitsky, a younger sister of my grandma Rosaliya (Reizel) Davidovna Rudnitsky. Their parents were David Moiseevich Rudnitsky and Hinda Efremovna Efron.“

(Sasha Yarin)


“The Rudnitskys were taken with my mother’s younger cousins (Misha's sons) to a place in the forest to be shot. My great-grandpa David Rudnistky realized that there would be shooting and asked a German soldier whether everybody will be shot. The answer was yes. Then, he told his grandchildren Yulya and Victor to run away, which they succeeded to do, since one of the German soldiers in the perimeter chain was crying. From Yulya we know all these details, since he survived and after all landed in Buchenwald concentration camp, where in 1945 he was freed by the Americans.”

(Sasha Yarin)  [INT026]



>          >          Reizel (Rosa or Rosalia) Sakhar, married to Proffessor Shlomo (Sacharoff) Sakhar. His father was Isaac. Solomon was a prominent podiatrist. The Sakharov family was in Dnepropetrovsk. [INT026]


Reizel studied in the Volkovysk Gymnasium. Sasha Yarin recalls a train ride with his grandmother to Lithuania in 1962 and remembers that she had relatives in Volkavysk, which they passed through.


“Solomon Isaakovich [Sacharoff] was a famous podiatrist. He was a head of the chair of podiatrist of Kazakh Medical Institute and a consultant of a number of children clinics of Alma-Ata. Looking at him one could immediately guess that he was a children doctor. Children felt some remarkable warmth from him. When he came up to a sick child and said to him a number of tendering words, a child usually quickly stopped crying and allowed the doctor to examine himself. It seemed to me that he referred to us as large children who decided to marry being twenty years old without having anything. He did not have doubts about my disinterestedness and categorically rejected any conjecture on my wish to marry a rich fiancée.


“In 1950 Alma-Ata was a small one-storied town located at the foot of Zailiiskogo Alatau. Nelly’s [Nelly Sakhar Yarin, daughter of Reizel and Shlomo] parents lived in the central part of the town in a two-story house for professors of Kazakh Medical Institute.”

(Memoir of Leonid Yarin, ubpublished)


“My grandpa Sakharov and grandma Reizel Rudnitsky were drafted into the Soviet army as physicians. Their old parents stayed in Dniepropetrovsk. The old Sakhharovs were thrown from the 3rd floor by a local Ukrainian collaborationist.”

(Sasha Yarin) [INT026]


>          >          Boris. He was killed in action in WW II, around 1943.


>          >          Michael “Misha” Bednov


>          >          Sonya “Sophia,” married to unknown. Her second husband was Voitetsky. Her nephew recalls his aunt and cousin and their place in communist Russia.  She was a singing instructor in Moscow, and taught the acclaimed pop singer Alla Pugacheva. [INT026]


Joseph Shmuel (nee Efron) Rosenshein, son of Chaim Efron


Joseph Shmuel (nee Efron) Rosenshein, b. 1856, Grodno, d. 1920, Izabelin, Belarus, married Shaine Reizel Nachimofsky, b. 1862, Kartuska Bereza, Belarus, d. 12/18/1916, Izabelin. Her father was Yitzchak Ha Levi. Sheina Reizel was a first cousin of Anna (Efron) Nachimowsky (J.Rosenshein). Joseph Shmuel was adopted by an uncle, the brother of his mother, and so his name was changed to Rosenshein, same as his new father. He never came to the US. His adoptive father may have had another sister, Mina Shifre Lipschitz, known in the US as Minnie Levenson [GEN033-SD] (see p. – below).


The family tree of the Rosenshein family came from a grandson, Joe Rosenshein, who received a lot of oral history from his father. Some Rabinowitz family members believe that the wife of Joseph Shmuel was from the Zilber family – see the discussion below under the Tillie Silver heading, below.


Joseph Shmuel (Efron) Rosenshein had said that members of his immediate family were killed in a pogrom. He also said that he had an uncle in the lumber business.


DNA testing confirms that Yosef Shmuel was an Efron descendant. Yosef Shmuel was involved in lumber and exporting. His partner was Nachum Heller who had interests in Kosovo. Grandson Joe has pictures of his house that was in Izabelin. Joe’s uncles were also in the lumber business. He believes that Chaim may have come from Vilna.


Chaim Efron lived part of his life in Volkovysk, Belarus probably around 1840. He may have lived in Vilna before Volkovysk. “My grandfather was educated as a bookkeeper, probably his uncle's (Rosenshein) profession. My grandfather lived a large part of his life in Izabelin which is near Volkovysk. He eventually entered into the lumber business and did very well. He had an export business and owned lots of timbered land.” (JR) Joe Rosenshein was named after his mother's side of the family. Chaim had other brothers and sisters but their names are not known. Two of Chaim's brothers were killed during the 1835 Polish revolt against the Russians (JR).


Some other Rosehsein families


No connection has been made between this Rosenshein family and the family researched by the descendants of Nachemia “Emil” Rosenshein. In that family, Beile Rosenschaine, age 61, b. in Volkowysk,  arrived 11/19/1906 with her grandchildren (the children of Joseph), going to her son Joseph at 55 Suffolk St., NYC [ARR-- ?]. Beile’s husband’s name is unknown. She had four children; two are believed to have died in Treblinka.


Her son Joseph was, b. 1868, Volkovysk, and d. 12/29/1930, Fallsburg, NY. He was married to Phyllis.  His children are Rose (married Herman Bulgatz), Sam (married to Rose Kaplan), Harry, and Max. (See FTJP for more details).  Note that Rose Rosenshein married Herman Bulgatz, a son of Sarah (Efron) Bulgatz (see p. --) and therefore a cousin to the Efron/Rosenshin family. This strongly suggests that the family of Beile Rosenshein are somehow related to the Efron/Rosenshein family.


Nechemia was another son of Beile Rosenshein, b. 1874, Volkavysk, d. 5/29/1942, Woodbourne, NY. His children were Ethel Shapiro, Leon, Benjamin and Isadore (See FTJP). Emil was married to Rachel Yatvin, b. 1871, Volkovysk, d. 3/12/1968, Woodbourne, NY. 


A “Shaje Bulgatsh” arrived in the US on the same ship as Samuel Rosenshein [ARR-- at page 96 of manifest], but this “Shaje has not been identified.


There was also a Leibe Rosenschein (female), of Wolkowysk, who immigrated to the US with her children Sore and Markus, joining G. Rosenschein in New Salem, PA.


The Clarksburg, WV Rosenshine family started out in Pittsburgh.The parents were Myer and Dora (born about 1860. One son was Reuben, and he married into the Goldberg/Lapinski family of Pittsburgh, another Efron family (See Chap. --). The father of Myer Rosenshine was Joseph, but he would he appears to be a different Joseph Rosenshein than the Joseph Rosenshein of the Efron family.


A relative of the Clarksburg family was Harry Rosen (nee Rosenshein), who lived in Yazoo City. Some relatives were killed in the Holocaust, but no details are known. It is not known how Harry fits in the family tree. Harry, it is said, killed himself when he learned of the fate of his family in the Holocaust.



Joseph Shmuel (nee Efron) Rosenshein had seven known children:



Hershel (Zvi)


Moshe Yitzchak

Chana Liebe Rabinowitz

Ester Mirski

Shlamie “Sam”



>          Chaim, b. abt. 1875, Izabelin, d. Moscow or Siberia


>          Hershel (Zvi), b. abt. 1876, Izabelin, d. abt. 1970, Rehovit, Israel


>          Avrom, b. abt. 1880, Izabelin, d. abt. 1944, Holocaust


>          Moshe Yitzchak (“Itzchak”) , b. before 1884, Izabelin, d. abt. 1944, Holocaust, married Dora Unknown, d. 1939, Warsaw. She was a dentist and they married in Warsaw. They did not have any children.


>          Chana Liebe Rabinowitz, b.12/24/1884, Izabelin, d. 12/1971, Bronx, NYC [SSDI681], married Shraga Faitel Rabinowitz, b. abt. 1874, Stolpce or Mir, Poland, d. 1967, NYC. He was Av Bet Din of Izabelin and Brooklyn. Chana Liebe’s father and grandfather were in the lumber business.


They could be the Feiwel & Libe Rabinowitz who arrived on the Kronprinz Wilhelm on 1/16/1907 in NY. [ARR--] Ages match perfectly. The manifest says he was born in Djadlow and she in Wein. He is a saloon keeper, going to his brother Moses at 44 Boiden [Bowden] St., Boston. Then again, Rabinowitz is a very common name.


Chana Liebe and Shraga Feivel left many progeny who would be highly regarded, accomplished rabbis and scholars. Foremost amongst them are two of their sons, Rav Mordecahi Eliyhu (Muttel) Rabinowitz , who died March 24, 2012 [OBIT082] and Rav Chaim Dov Rabinowitz, who died abt. 5/1/2001 (25 Nisan) [Wikepedia; should also be able to find an obit].


There is an extensive, online obituary of their son, Rav Chaim Dov, died abt. 5/1/2001 (25 Nisan). He was born in Izabelin. Both Chaim Dov and his father were well-known rabbis.


 “Shmuel told me that there is no other reference to the Rosenshein's in the works of his father. There are references to his family in those works. Shmuel was also a Rabbi and was familiar with his father's works. My uncle's oldest son was also a highly respected Rabbi and knew quite a bit about the family but he has been dead for a number of years.” (Joe Rosenshein)


Genealogy hobbyist Michael Press spoke with Shmuel Rabinowitz who said that the Rosenshein family was related to the Efron, Mintz and Sains families. 


Michael Press notes, regarding the site, “searching this site I found Shraga Feitl Rabinowitz's book, and while I had known about the dedication to his wife's parents I just discovered an additional page at the back titled "Blessing and Thanks!" with more geneaological info.[MISC139-SD1-SD2-SD3] Of course, the two of you may already have been aware of this page, but if not you may find it of interest.  He names his wife Chana Libe, and then his "aunts" (in the city of St. Paul in America), the sisters of his father-in-law Yosef Shmuel b. Chaim: Yehudit Mintz and Sarah wife of Yaakov Leib --[lg?]atz (part of the text is missing in the scan, but this is obviously Bulgatz).” [MISC139-SD1-SD2-SD3]


>          Ester Mirski, b. after 1884, Izabelin, d. abt. 1944, Holocaust, married Mayer Mirski, d. Izabelin


>          Sam (Shlamie) Rosenshein, b. 3/11/1894, Izabelin, d. 5/5/1974, Hartford, CT, married 9/3/1928 in Kimball, WV to Ida Sarah (Chaya Sora) Sattar, b. 9/4/1903, Hartford, CT, d. 12/2/1986. He arrived abt. 1915, and first settled in NY, or maybe in Philadelphia. He was a watchmaker, and he served in WW I. He grew up in Izabelin and Volkovysk. He had a brother who was a rabbi in Israel, and they looked very much alike. He was the youngest. Two of Shlamie’s brothers were in the lumber business.


He lived with the Nachimoff family for a while in Europe. ”My grandfather wanted my father to become a Rabbi. My father completed the basic education but had no desire for the calling. He was also trained as a watchmaker as were all of the St. Paul Efrons. This was a source of real friction between my father and his father.” (Joe Rosenshein)


Joe Rosenshein wrote: “My father arrived in the U.S. on January 14, 1913.  He was about 18.  He was drafted into the Tzar’s army when he was about 13 to 15, but escaped from the train transporting him to a training camp in Siberia.  At the time he was drafted, he was living in Izabelin.  After his escape, he lived with his Aunt and Uncle in Volkowysk until his family sent him to the U.S. for fear of what would happen if the Tzar’s agents were to find him…. My father was the youngest child of Yosef Shmuel Rosenshein (nee Efron)….


“Schlojus Rosenshein of Wolkowysk came to the US on the SS President Grant and is going to his cousin Doris (Floris?) Kane, in NY. He had last resided with his father, Josesel, in Wolkowysk. [ARR261]


He says that the Levenson family of St. Paul were cousins. See 1900 census (my notes). Herman Bulgatz’s wife was a distant cousin.



Julia Mintz, daughter of Chaim Efron


Julia (Yehudit; Yudes) Mintz, b. 1856, probably Grodno City, d. 5/6/1939, St. Paul, MN [RS074; OBIT008; DEATH006; CEM009-SD], married abt. 1879 to Isaac (Avodia Mayer) (Obadiah?) Mintz, b. 8/1861, d. 12/11/1912, MN [DEATH005].  They lived in St. Paul.. She arrived in 1882, 1886 or 1889 [~ARR] and he arrived in 1882 [~ARR]. He was naturalized in Ramsey Cty. (St. Paul) [NAT075]. Since 1895 he is a dairyman although in 1910, he is a traveling salesman. [CEN0044; CEN1031; CEN2130; CEN3088]. It appears that he lived in Minnesota as long as he lived in the US. [MISCCEN001; MSICCEN002]. At the time of her death she lived with son David at 486 Marshall St., St. Paul


Mintz was not the original name, but the original name is not known. According to Fritzie Brand (as told to Jeff Stanton), Isaac’s original name was Efron, but when he travelled to the US he thought he was asked where he was from, and he answered Minsk.


In 1901, Isaac and Jehudith became charter members of the fourth Knights of Zion organization in St. Paul. Its purpose is to place poor European Jews in Palestine. [MISC106] In 1900, Isaac owns a dairy farm near Lake Phelan. [MISC107]


>          Mary D. Zieve, b. 2/1881, Russia, married abt. 9/1903 to Joseph Zieve [MARR095]. She may have died soon after, or perhaps in the childbirth of her children. Joseph remarried to Mary’s cousin, Hannah Bulgatz. See below. Mary was the only child born in the old country, and came with her mother to the US in 1886. She appears as the oldest child in the 1900 census. [CEN00--] [MISCCEN001]


The 1910 census shows Joseph married to Hannah (Bulgatz) and there are three children, but she has only had one child born to her. Therefore, Gabriel and Eleanor, the oldest, must have been the children of his first marriage. The census also indicates that he is on his second marriage and that they have been married for only 2 years. [CEN 1071]


>          >          Gabriel, b. abt. 1905 [CEN1071] He is found in 1930 at Leavenworth Penitentiary as an inmate.


An article indicates he killed himself in 1930. Article has not been retrieved (pay service):

1.           Page 18, Mason City Globe Gazette, June 6, 1930 ...

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... St Paul Convict Hangs Self in Jail LEAVENWORTH Kans i Gabriel Zieve


>          >          Eleanor, b. abt. 1905 [CEN1071]


>          Married 2. to Hannah Bulgatz. She was a first cousin of Mary (see below).


>          David H. (Himan), b. 11/22/1887 or 11/26/1887, MN, d. 6/17/1964, St. Paul, MN [DEATH007; CEM202]. He was married but living with his widowed mother in 1920 – possibly separated pending a divorce? He was unmarried in 1930 and lived with his mother, Eleanor Zieves (niece) and another relative (uncertain of name – Priscilla?) [CEN1031; CEN2130; CEN3088]. David owns a wholesale bakery in 1930.


>          Harry A.(Hirshel), b. 1891, MN [CEN1031; CEN20?], d. 1971 [CEM008-SD], married 6/15/1913 in Ramsey Cty., MN to Sarah Sains, b. 1893, d. 1954 [CEM010-SD]. She was part of the Sains family.


>          Louis M., b. abt. 1891, MN. In 1920 he is living at home with his mother. [CEN1031; CEN2130]. In 1939 he is living in Milwaukee.


>          Evelyn Gottlieb, b. 10/13/1894, MN, d. 3/5/1987, married Israel “Edward I” Gottlieb, b. abt. 1893 [CEN20?]


>          Charlotte Fox, b. abt. 1895, MN, married Jack H. Fox. In 1920 she was living at home with her mother [CEN2130]. In 1939 she and her husband live in Chicago. [verify: The Mrs. Fox in the obituary of Julia Mintz is Charlotte, and not Danielle]


>          Danielle, b. abt. 1899, MN [CEN20?], probably d. before 1920. She is not listed in the 1920 census and not in her mother’s obituary.


>          Nathaniel, b. abt. 1900, MN [CEN10?; CEN2130]. In 1939 he lived in Chicago.


Sarah Bulgatz, daughter of Chaim Efron


Sarah (Sarah Reiva) Bulgatz,b. abt. 1863, d. 5/4/1950, St. Paul, MN, married abt. 1887 to Jacob (Yakov Aryeh Leib) Bulgatz, b. abt. 1863 or 1876 (unlikely), d. 5/12/1941, Ramsey Cty., MN. [DEATH101; DEATH102; OBIT009; OBIT010; CEM004-SD; CEM003-SD] They arrived in 1910 [~ARR]. In 1920, the family lives at 581 De Sota St. in St. Paul and the household includes Lillian’s husband and children, and Hannah’s husband. In 1920, Jacob is a private tutor [CEN2166].  In 1930, he is a Hebrew teacher and they live next door to son Jacob. At the time of her death she had been a resident of St. Paul for 40 years.

Unlike all of Sarah’s siblings, her gravestone has her father’s name as Shmuel Chaim, not simply Chaim [CEM004-SD]. Cannot find their arrival records [~ARR]


Jacob almost certainly came from Ruzhany, now in Belarus. This is based on the draft registration cards of his son Morris [cites], and confirmed by the associations of the name Bulgatz (including Bultacz, Butgatch, Blugatz, etc.) with the town of Ruzhany. See for example the Ruzhany Yizkor book.


The difficulty in finding the arrival records for this family would certainly be remedied by obtaining the many naturalization records available in MN for those in this family. The index to those records is available through


>          Hannah Zieve, b. abt. 1882 or 3/28/1887, Russia, d. 2/4/1973, Hennepin Cty., MN [DEATH009], married abt. 1907 to Joseph Zieve, b. abt. 1873 or 1876, Volkovysk. He arrived in 1887 or 1891 and she arrived in 1908. They lived in Minneapolis. Cannot determine if they were married in this country or in Russia. In 1920 he is a retail merchant, and then in 1930 he was a chemist. [CEN2166; CEN3090] Cannot find her arrival record [~ARR]. In 1910, they had living with them his father, Moses, and his sister-in-law, “Helen Bogotoch,” that is, Hannah’s sister Hilda. [CEN1071] In 1920 they are living with the extended Bulgatch family.


Joseph was previously married to Mary Mintz, Hannah’s cousin. See above.


At the time of her death Hannah left 22 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. In 1941 he is survived by his sister, Dora Snyder of St. Paul. [cite?]


>          Hilda (Hinde) Banarer, b. abt. 1892 or 1894, Russia or Poland, married abt. 1917 to Harry Banarer, b. abt. 1882 or 5/15/1880, Romania. [CEN3166; CEN2140; MIL003] According to census records, his daughter Evelyn (also, Evelyne), born about 1909, was born when Hilda was about 15 years old, and Harry was first married when he was 25 years old, suggesting that Evelyn was a daughter by a first marriage. Hilda worked in a bakery outside of Warsaw. In 1910 she is living with her sister Hannah Zieve and Hannah’s family. [CEN1071]


Hilda arrived in 1909 with Harry. When they came to this country they went to her brother-in-law in Minnesota, by the name of “Liew” (Ziev? – e.g., Zieve). Hilda and Harry had last lived in Rozhany prior to emigrating to the US. [ARR262]. The name “Bulgatch” is found commonly in Rozhany.


Norman was born in California, suggesting that Hilde went to California between 1910 and 1917. In 1920, 1930 and 1950 the family lived in Los Angeles. In 1920 Harry has a tailor shop, and in 1930 he does washing and drying.


>          Harry (Girsch) Bulgatz, b. abt. 1893, Russia. He came from Ruzhany and emmigrated to the US with Hinde in 1909. [ARR262] Nothing else is known about him. He was known as Harry Blatt, according to Fritzie (Mintz) Brand and lived in Chicago.


>          Lillie (Lillian) (Leah) Snyder, b. 12/25/1899, d. 5/12/1982, Minneapolis, MN, married abt. 1920 to Joseph J. Snyder, b. abt. 1894, Poland. They were cousins, probably through Leah’s paternal aunt, Dora Snyder of St. Paul. There is an Isaac Jack Snyder of MN who appears to be a brother (or uncle?) of Joseph. His mother’s maiden name is Bulgatz [Death105]. In the 1930 census is a Jack Snyder, 30, b. Poland, married at 26, living in St. Paul His wife is Dora (indexed as Dova), age 25, b. Russia, and they have a son Herman, 24/12 (?) b. in MN. They both arrived in 1923


They lived in St. Paul. When she died, she left 8 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. [DEATH008; OBIT011]. She arrived in 1909 and he arrived in 1910 or 1913. Cannot find her arrival [~ARR]. In 1920 and 1930 he is a car mechanic. In 1920 they live with the extended Bulgatz family. [CEN2166; CEN3210]


>          Morris Aaron, b. 1892, 5/3/1896, 5/4/1894 or 5/3/1895, Rozhany, Poland [MIL036; MIL037], d. 10/1/1959, Los Angeles [DEATH107], married Mary Gollub, b. 1894 or 5/6/1891, Russia, d. 3/14/1963, Los Angeles [DEATH108]. In 1920 he lives with the extended Bulgatz family and he is a tailor in a department store. [CEN2166].  In 1941 he lives in Chicago and in 1950 he is in Los Angeles. No arrival record has been found for him [~ARR]


>          >          Herman, b. 6/4/1919, d. 8/11/1981, Los Angeles, CA [DEATH106]


>          Herman L., b. abt. 1899 or 1901, Lithuania, married abt. 1925 to Rose Rosenschein, b. abt. 1901, Lithuania In 1920 he is still single and is living with his extended family in St. Paul, where he is a harness maker. In 1930 they are living in Minnesota with invant Phyllis and he is the owner of a leather jacket factory [CEN2166; CEN3211]. He lives in Fallsburg, NY in 1941 and in 1950, and is still in NY in 1987. He arrived in the US in 1910 and she in 1907.


She is related to the Rosensheins that lived in Woodridge, NY (Catskills, Sullivan Cty.), but that family’s connection to the above Rosenschein family is unknown. (See page – ). Woodridge, NY is the same little town where Isaac and Bella Efron lived (see p. --). Have not found Herman’s arrival record [~ARR]


>          Samuel Norman, b. 3/14/1904, Russ., d. 8/3/1868, Hennepin Cty [DEATH109], married Minnie Lewis, b. 8/8/1912, d. 3/11/1968, Hennepin Cty. [BIRTH029; BIRTH030; DEATH110].  He arrived in 1910. In 1920 he lives with his family and works in a clothing factory. [CEN2166] In 1941 he is in Chicago, and in 1950 he lives in Minneapolis. No arrival record has been found for him [~ARR]. Samuel and John are twins. Minnie’s mother’s maiden name was Gordon [BIRTH029; BIRTH030].


>          John (Jacob or “Jack”), b.3/14/1904, Russia, d. 4/21/1977, Los Angeles, CA [DEATH111], married abt. 1926 to Adeline Gilman, b. 7/8/1907, Russia, d. 3/6/1994, Los Angeles, CA [DEATH112; BIRTH031]. He arrived in 1910. He lives in LA in 1987. In 1920 he lives with his family. [CEN2166] In 1930 he is living next door to his parents.[CEN3089], in 1941 he is in St. Paul, but by 1950 he is in Los Angeles. Cannot determine the difference in names between the father and son (both appear to be Jacob], although the father’s Hebrew name is known to be Yakov, the Hebrew version of Jacob. No arrival record has been found for him [~ARR]. Samuel and John are twins.


Moses Efron, son of Chaim


Moses “Morris” Efron, b. 5/1868, or abt. 1865, or 1863 Russia/Poland, d. 11/12/1926, St. Paul, MN [OBIT006; DEATH089-SD; CEM007-SD], married abt. 2/1890 [MISC108] to Dora R. Marks, b. 7/1877 (or abt. 1871), Russia/Poland, d. after 1930. In 1900 they are living in St. Paul and the census then describes him as “Maurice.”  [CEN0045; CEN2035].


Moses was an uncle of the five brothers who settled in the twin cities [BE]. Moses is not to be confused with Morris, his nephew, who was a son of Ephraim Simcha. Moses arrived in 1884 or 1886, according to census data, and was naturalized in 1890. He is possibly the Moses Efrin who arrived in the US at NY on 2/12/1888 [ARR180]. Dora arrived in the US in 1888.


In 1900, they had a boarder living with them, a widow by the name of Bessie Greenblatt.


In 1920 they lived at Fuller St. in St. Paul. Moses owns his home, with a mortgage, and he is in the business of manufacturing children’s clothing. In 1900, they lived at 194 14th St., St. Paul, with a boarder, widow Bessie “Grinblatt”, b. 1823 and the mother of three living children [CEN0045]. Dora arrived in 1888. Benjamin Levenson, described as a cousin of Samuel Efron of Minnesota, was married to Esther Marks (per death records of Levenson children Abraham and Charles (MN death index. See also GEN033-SD).


Morris was struck and killed by a car in St. Paul. At the time of his death he lived at 533 Iglehart Ave., St. Paul. He was one of the founders of Capital City Hebrew School in St. Paul in the 1880s. He was a member of the Congregation Brith Sholem and Modern Woodmen Lodges. Some of the data collected here is from the vital records on [cite – obit?]. Dora moved to New Jersey to live with her daughter, Evelyn.


>          Max J. (Mordecai), b. Minn. 8/16/1893 (or 1892), d. 9/25/1979, St. Paul, Minn. [SSDI050; CEN2033; CEN3086], married abt. 1917 to Helen Celia Connor, b. 12/25/1893, Romania, d. 5/14/1988, St. Paul, Minn. [SSDI049]. In 1920 he is a salesman and lives at apt. 2, 511 e. 17th  [DIR051] In 1926, when his father dies, he lives at 1623 Irvin Ave., Minn., MN. According to his son Jerome, the Effrons are Levites (Menash Efron).


>          Evelyn (Eva) Solitare, b. 2/24/1896, MN, d. 9/1985, Philadelphia [SSDI-; MAR--; CEN2035], married Mikey Solitaire, of Atlanic City (Manesh Efron). According to the St. Paul Globe, a daughter was born 2/25/1896 to them. [MISC109]. Her marriage record was found in the next state over [verify: record found from JHS Upper Midwest?] She lived in St. Paul at the time of Moses’ death.


>          Anna S. Bernstein, b. 8/1898, MN, married 8/24/1920 in NYC [MAR045-SD1-SD2] to Samuel Bernstein, b. abt. 1896, NYC. He was in the transfer (trucking) business in 1920 and 1930. In 1920, she lives in St. Paul. [CEN2035; CEN3087] In 1930 they live in Brooklyn and her mother, Dora Efron, lives with them.


Anna Nachimoff, daughter of Chaim Efron


Anna Nachimoff (Nochimowsky), b. abt. 1861 or 1872, Russia; d. 5/2/1941, Brooklyn, NY [DEATH148-SD]; married abt. 1895 to Isaac Nachimoff. She is listed as a sister of Julia Mintz in Julia Mintz’s obituary. Her name is given as “Mrs. I Nackemoff of New York” in the obituary, and the only other reference to her is the 1930 census, listing Isaac, Anna and daughter Ray Nachemoff living on South Second St. in Brooklyn. They arrived in the US in 1921 at New York, having previously lived in Volkovysk .They emigrated with Hilda, and joined Ray, who was already living in the US. Back in Volkovysk, they left their third daughter, “CH.” [ARR263]


Nochimowsky is the family name of Shaine Reizel Rosenschein, wife of Yosef Shmuel( Efron) Rosenschein, according to Joe Rosenshein, who also noted that Isaac Nachimowsky was her first cousin.  (Note, Michael Press believes that Sheina Reizel’s family name was Zilber.)
























Yitzchak HaLevi Nachimowsky









Sheina Reizel (Nachimowsky) Rosenschein


                        Chaim           Isaac Nachimoff =
                                         Anna Effron


Chaim’s gravestone, at Beth David, likely has his father’s name, but it cannot be seen in the image available on JewishGen. No death or burial for Isaac has been identified.


When Ray and Hilda came to the US in 1916, they were going to their uncle, Chaim “Nochimowski“ of NY. He appears to be the same as the Hyman (husband of Sophia) Nachimowsky of New York. On Ancestry, a ship record shows them taking a trip to Israel in 1954. I found the website of Nathan Silver, author, who writes in his book “Lost New York” (p. 255, not shown on Google), that his grandparents Hyman and Sophie Nachimowsky had a candy store on 178th St. in New York, which matches up with census data for them.


Isaac’s sister was Ida Siegel, wife of Moshe Siegel. The daughter of the Siegels was Bess, who in turn had a daughter, Esther Landsberg, who gave some of the information for this branch. Esther lived across from the Efrons in San Francisco, on Horner Street. Ray and Hilda both have naturalization papers filed in the ED of NY.


>          Ray (Rochel) N. Kulgein, b. 12/301898 or abt. 1887, Russia, d. 8/28/1992, L.A., CA, [SSDI668], married Yudel Kulgein. She arrived in 1916 with sister, Hilda [ARR265]. She was naturalized in the Eastern District Court of NY (Ancestry index). In the 1920 census she is single and living with the Feinberg or Friberg family in New York [CEN2--] [verify: is that Feinberg family any relation to Dora Feinberg, with whom Dora Efron (and Eisen and Liss) lived?]. In 1954 she moved to L.A., CA. Many related families lived within the same 2 block neighborhood in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY. Ray was a communist, and lived with her mother until she was in her 80s.


Norman G. Kulgein of Palo Alto, CA was a step-son of Ray Kulgein.


>          Hilda Zukofsky, married abt. 1928 to Benjamin “Bennie” Zukofsky.  [CEN3225; ARR263]. She apparently emigrated first with her sister in 1916 [ARR265], then went back and brought over her parents, who arrived in 1921 [ARR263].


>          Ida Schlachter, b. Abt. 1906, married abt. 1928 to Jacob “Jack” Schlachter, b. Abt. 1902. Ida arrived in 1921. [CEN3226] In the 1930 census, the next enumerated family is Jacob and Helen Abramsky – unknown if they are related to other Abramsky families


>          CH (name not known) [ARR263]. She stayed in Europe and was killed in the Holocaust (E.L.)


Tillie (Efron) Silver, of the Silver family of Montreal, related to the Rosenshein family


Tillie (Efron) Silver (Chaluta – Shaluta??), b. approx. 1840, married Mordechai “Marcus” Silver (Chaluta – Shaluta??), b. approx. 1840. Her maiden name was Efron. Their children settled in Montreal.


Tillie (Efron) Zilber’s relation to any other Efron branch is not known, but to place her family somewhere, it seems she is most likely connected to this branch – see analysis below.

Michael Press located the Montreal marriage record of Joseph Silver, which states that his mother’s maiden name was Tillie Efron. [MARR--] There were four Silver brothers in Canada, including Joseph. According to Michael, their name was “Zilber” in Europe, but originally CHALUTA (SHALUTA?) and they came from Mstibova (Amstibova) in Grodno Gubernia. It is not known if the parents, Mordecai and Tillie, ever emigrated.


According to Michael:

Benjamin Silver was one of four Silver brothers who moved from the area of Volkovysk to Canada in the 1880s and 1890s, settling in Ontario and eventually in Montreal.  Their parents are named (on the brothers' marriage records) as Mordechai or Marcus Silver and Tillie Efron. Of the children, Benjamin (born 1858) was the oldest; the others were Moses (born 1863), Nahim (born 1868), and Joseph (born 1874).  Moses ended up emigrating to the US and settled in New York, and was known as Isaac M. Silver there.  All of the brothers (and their sons) were involved in the fur business.  Benjamin had a fur business set up in Kingston Ontario by the early 1890s. Benjamin relocated to Montreal around 1902, and the other brothers soon followed.  It appears that Moses started in business with his father, and later went into business with his brother Samuel (as "Silver Bros.").  The connection with the Lazar family appears to come from Lazarus P. Silver, who for many years was president of L.P. Lazare and Co.


“I've found an intriguing connection between my Silver family and Montreal Silvers.  I've found a border crossing record from 1928 for Frances Ughez, my grandmother's first cousin (their mothers were both Zilbers).  The manifest is a little hard to read but it says she is joining her cousin H. Silver, whose address appears to be 3724 Colonial Ave. in Montreal.  In the late 1920s and early 1930s there is a Hyman J. Silver, furrier, at this
address.  He is president of H.J. Silver Fur Mfg. Co. in the early 30s. However, he disappears from the directories afterwards, and the H.J. Silver company seems to be run by Nahim Silver) and his son Alex N. Silver.  So there appears to be some sort of  connection to the Montreal Silver family, but I have no idea who this Hyman Silver is.”

>          Benjamin, b. 6/7/1858, married Jane Chmielnitsky, b. 9/15/1859, d. 5/24/1937


>          >          Rachel Alice, b. 10/1/1878, d. 1/10/1902

>          >          Edith Rubinovich, b. 10/15/1879, d. 4/3/1908, married J. (I?) M. Rubinovich

>          >          Lazarus Phineas, b. 10/3/1880, d. 12/2/1965, married Maude Samuel, b. 1881

>          >          Samuel S., b. 8/18/1886, married Marguerite Rachel Mendes

>          >          Moses, b. 2/10/1888, married Elsie Rose Silverman, b. 5/4/1890

>          >          May Naomi Jacobson, b. 5/20/1895, married Percy Nathaniel Jacobson, b. 7/1/1886


>          (Isaac) Moses, b. 11/9/1863, d. 3/30/1935, married Leah Chmielnitsky, b. 11/15/1869, d. 7/17/1937


>          >          Benjamin Lamb, b. 6/15/1892, d. 2/7/1969

>          >          Samuel, b. 1/12/1895

>          >          Edith, b. 2/15/1899, d. 9/20/1925


>          Nahim, b. 7/24/1868, d. 11/8/1949, married Rachael Vineberg, b. 12/10/1872 or 12/10/1873


>          >          Yetta, b. 2/10/1892

>          >          Edith Michaels, b. 7/2/1893, married Victor Michaels

>          >          David, b. 6/13/1895, d. 6/14/1895

>          >          Alexander Norman, b. 9/5/1897, married Minnie Williams


>          Joseph, b. 4/12/1874, married Rose Pauline Jackson, b. 5/1878 [MARR--]


Silver Family tree [GEN035-SD]


There are some possible theories about how Tillie is related to other Efron families:


I. Tillie (Efron) Silver is related to the St. Paul Efron family.


Assuming that the Montreal Silver family is related to Michael Press’s Silver family (I believe that Michael has some question about this), then there is a connection to the St. Paul Efron branch. That’s because the family of Joseph Shmuel (Efron) Rosenshein of Volkovysk and Michael’s Silver family are connected . Exactly how Michael’s Silver family is related to the Rosensheins is not certain.


According to Michael, “Chana Libe (Rosenshein) Rabinowitz was a cousin of my great-grandmother Shena Leah (Zilber) Salutsky, but [family members] could not agree on the connection. According to my great-aunt, Chana Libe's mother (she didn't refer to her by name) and my great-grandmother's father (Akiva Silver/Zilber) were siblings.” Michael’s great-grandmother was very friendly with Chana Liebe, and they were in fact first cousins as well.


However, Michael writes: “Also, I should add that, since we were last in contact, I discovered that Joseph Silver and his brothers were not originally Silvers -- they changed their name from Chaluta.  It's not entirely clear where the Silver surname came from.  As a result, I'm at a loss for how this family might be connected to my Silver family (who really were Zilber in Russia), but there must still be a connection somehow.”


























Sheina Reisel/Roza (Zilber) Rosenschein


                      Akiva Zilber







Chana Libe (Rosenschein) Rabinowitz


Esther Ughez

                       Sheina Leah = Moishe Salutsky

Michael notes that a sister of his great-grandmother, “Esther Zilber UGHEZ, came with her family to the US from Europe in the late 1910s and settled in Poughkeepsie NY.  In the 1920 census the family is listed as renting a house owned by an Efron family (I've wondered if this could be coincidental).”


According to the oral history received by Joe Rosenshein, however, the wife of Samuel Joseph Rosenshein (nee Efron) was Sheina Nachimofsky.


“Whatever the maiden name of Shena Roza Rosenshein, it's pretty clear that my family's connection is through her.  Meanwhile, the closest possible connection of my family to the Montreal Silver family is that Akiva and the Silver brothers were first cousins.” … Akiva's(Silver) wife's name was Golda Shapiro.  She had a brother Samuel (Shmuel Eliezer) who came to New York around 1900.  I'm not aware of any connection to the Rosensheins through her family.  My great-aunt was sure that it was through Akiva's family. (Michael Press)


However, Michael does note another connection to the Rosenshein family, and this seems to be a much more likely way in which his family is connected to Channe Libe Rabinowitz. He says that “My great-grandfather's brother, Shmuel Salutsky, married a Chaya Rivka Rosenshein, daughter of Eliyahu.  Shmuel and Chaya would have been born in the 1870s.  Note that Shmuel's brother Moshe (my great-grandfather) married Sheina Leah Zilber, daughter of Akiva.”










Salutsky (children born in 1870s)














Shmuel Salutsky = Chaya Rivka Rosenschein (daughter of Elihu Rosenshein)


Sheina Leah Zilber = Moishe







Possible relationship between Michael Press’ Silver/Zilber family and the Silver family of Montreal (children of Tillie (Efron) Silver):










ZILBER ancestor














Mordecai “Marcus” ZILBER


                  Isaac ZILBER







Benjamin, (Isaac) Moses, Nahim & Joseph ZILBER







There is a book by Shmon Nisan b’ Nachim Nachimovsky of Elizabethgrad, published in in New York in 1913, with details about a family with this name:  Michael Press translated a portion of the book: “I wasn't able to understand everything, but basically the page is to honor the author's parents, Nachum ben Shabtai Nachimovsky (who was called R. Nachum Deliyatitzer -- from Delyatiche, near Novogrodek) and Leah b. Yehoshua from Yeglimantze (apparently a town in Lithuania near Vilna).  He then names their five sons, of whom the author is the oldest.  The others are: David Nachimovsky, in Vitebsk; Arye Leib Nachimsohn, in "Albina" in America; Yeshiyahu Yitzhak Nachimsohn in New York; and Shabtai Nachimovsky, who lives in the village Pogoreshtze, in the region of Minsk.” The brother Yeshiyahu Yitzhak could be the same as Isaac Nachimoff, but the suffix variation of the last name is different.


Michael: “Joe Rosenshein thought instead that Shena Reizl Rosenshein's maiden name was Nachimofsky, but that there might be ANOTHER Shena Reizl who was related to both the first one and to my family. Shmuel Rabinowitz wasn't sure what Shena Reizl's maiden name was, but he didn't think it was Zilber OR Nachimofsky (he thought the Nachimofsky connection was somewhere else, but wasn't sure where).”


Michael: “However, Shmuel [Rabinowitz] and I discussed the book his father Shraga Feitl wrote, which happens to be dedicated to his wife's parents. There it states that Shena Reizl's father's name was Yitzhak (unfortunately, no maiden name). Shmuel did not realize that this was in fact the name but I had already checked the book and knew this to be the case. It happens that my great-great-grandfathter Akiva Silver's father was named Yitzhak. This of course is far from proof that Shena Reizl was a Silver, but does give some support, so I still tend towards what my great-aunt said until it is proven wrong. The finding of Efron connected with the Montreal Silvers therefore does not seem to be coincidence to me, but suggests to me a closer tie between my Silver family and this Efron branch.”


II. Tillie (Efron) Silver is related to Ephraim Visranker/Motte Matsul family.


The immigration record for Elchonon “Alex” Effron, son of Mashe Effron (son of Ephraim Visranker) and Etke (daughter of Motte Matsul’s) (Chapter 8) casts doubt on the Silver connection to the St. Paul branch. Elcohonon (Alex) is going to his uncle Joseph Silver of Montreal, presumably the same Joseph Silver who is the son of Tillie (Efron) Silver. It is not known if Joseph Silver is a paternal or maternal uncle because both of Alex’s parents are Efrons. It seems certain that Joseph is not a true uncle, but is instead a cousin -- probably a cousin once removed.


There does not appear to be any other Joseph Silver in Montreal who could be this uncle. The uncle Joseph Silver in the immigration record lives at 781 St. Lawrence St., Montreal. [cite]


III. Taibe Silver is the same as Taibe, mother of Motte Taibe’s.


Taibe Efron, mother of Motte Taibe’s and widow of David Motte Tsinne’s (Chapter 13) was remarried after the death of her husband, David. She would be the correct age to be the mother of the Silver brothers. Her husband’s name was Moshe and he was from Zamut (Southern Lithuania) according to the Yedida Efron’s book about Amdur [cite]. While Taibe is a fairly good match for Tillie, Moshe, her husband, is not a good match for Marcus/Mordecai Zilber.


Bertha Efron, Unknown Relative


There is a Bertha Efran, b. abt. 1871, Volkovysk, married to an Efran [ARR024-SD1-SD2]. She arrived in 1908 and is going to her friend, Mrs. F. Dormovsky, who is in NY at 30 Henry (?) St.  She last resided with her brother in Volkovysk, M. Klosnitzky.  She is accompanied by her niece, Minnie Kaplan, whose last residence was New York. Minnie is Single, strongly suggesting that she changed her name from Klosnitzky to Kaplan.


Which Efron Bertha is married to has not yet been determined.  Domowski is the name of some immigrants from Volkovysk. She is placed with the St. Paul branch because she is from Volkovysk.


Mina Shifre Rosenshein (?) Levinson, possible Efron


Mina Shifre Levinson of Volkovysk and Izabelin is possibly a sister of Chaim Efron (ancestor of the St. Paul Efrons), or she may be the sister of Chaim’s wife. She and her family are not known sufficiently to be considered a part of the Efron family history, but because there is a possibl family connection her family tree is included here. She arrived in 1908 with the Zaines Family [ARR266].


Mina Shifre (FB) Levinson, b. abt. 1844 or 1848, married to Louis (Lazar, Lazarus  or Eliezer) Levinson. In 1910 she is living with Benjamin and his family and she is a widow with four surviving children, of the seven born to her [CEN1072].


Her family name has been reported to be Rosenstein, but maybe it is Rosenshein. The Levinson/Lipshitz family came from Mir. According to Jo Ann Cohen-Bleu, the parents of Mina Shifre were Harry and Eva Rosenstein and Mina lived from 1836-1921. Minnie’s death certificate lists her father’s name as Herman Rosenstein, but it should probably read “Rosenshein.” Probably the name Herman is a substitute for Chaim. I have not seen the death certificate, but it should be re-examined. Joe Rosenshein says  “I know for certain that the Saines are related to my family,” which means that the Levinsons are related to the Efrons, or the Rosensheins. Joe believes that she may be a sister of Chaim Efron’s wife, whose family name was Rosenshein. See Rosenshein family, above.


The original name of Levenson/Levinson family is Lipschitz (Lifschitz, Lifshits, etc.) [GEN033-SD].


In June 2007 I learned that Benjamin, previously known as a “cousin to Samuel Efron” is in fact  a cousin on the Efron side of the family.  I am still looking for additional proof, though. I received the family tree from Joe Rosenshein. That family tree showed that Chaim Efron, ancestor of the St. Paul Efrons, had a sister whose son, Benjamin Levinson, and daughter, by the name of Sains, came to St. Paul.


Joe Rosenshein confirmed that the Levinson’s were cousins, based on information he received from the children of his aunt Channa. A close friend of Joe’s father was Max Lipschitz, who lived in Philadelphia, and it was said that he was also Sam Rosenshein’s cousin. Joe believes that they grew up together in Izabelin and says there is also a family connection to Mir.


Jo Ann Levenson Cohen Bleu sent me the family tree of the Levenson family, showing connections to a Rosenstein (Rosheshein??) family and to the Sains and Efron families. [GEN033-SD]


>          Moishe “Max” Lipschitz, b. abt. 1856 or 1858, Mir, d. 1922 (JCB), married Etta “Edith” Unknown, b. abt. 1865, Mir. They arrived with Sophia at Port Huron on 8/5/1913 [ARR267]. He was a cousin and friend of Samuel Rosenshein, and lived in Philadelphia. This is presumably the same as the Moishe who was an estranged brother of Benjamin Levinson [GEN033-SD].


>          >          David “Dave,” b. 1884, d. 1967, married Pauline Jacobson, d. 1969.  Based on Moishe’s ship arrival, he and his wife and Sophia are going to David in St. Paul. Found in the 1920 census [CEN--; DIR072.5]


>          >          Sophia, b. abt. 1890. [ARR267] She arrived in 1913 with her parents. According to Jo Ann Cohen-Bleu’s research, she married Sam Efron (above). This is to be verified.


>          >          Harry, b. 1888, d. 1983, married Fannie Wolkoff, b. 1893, d. 1984 [DIR072.5]


>          >          Joe


>          >          Nellie Stern, married Stern. He was a house painter. In Jo Ann’s family tree she also says that Nellie died in infancy (verify) [GEN033-SD]. The wife of Aaron Efron was also a Stern, but no connection is known.


>          Benjamin (Baruch), b. abt. 1862, d. 1939, married about 1890 to Esther Marks, b. 1875, d. 1949 (J Cohen-Bleu). Moses Efron’s wife’s name was Dora Marks and Samuel Efron’s wife was Anna Marks. Benjamin was involved with the College Ave. Shul.  Esther and Dora Marks were sisters, but their relation to Anna is not known. He came to the US in 1887 [~ARR] and she in 1888 [~ARR]. [verify ages from 1910 census] In 1910 Minnie lives with them. [CEN1072]. He was a twin. In 1909 he was a tailor 478 Broadway and resided at 619 Jackson st. with his family, including Charles, Harry and his mother, Minnie, widow of Louis. [DIR072.5]


Harry was found in DIR072.5, but not in the 1910 census. But since the 1910 census says that all five of her children survive and there are five listed there, probably one of the children was listed under the name Harry in the directory, but something else in the census.


A Henry and Leah Marx were possibly the parents of Esther and Dora. Esther was born in Dublin, and possibly Dora was also….


>          >          Charles, b. 1/1892, MN, d. 1969 (JCB), married Babe Unknown. [DIR072.5]


>          >          Max , b. 2/1894, MN, d. 1927, married Dorothy (JCB)


>          >          Joseph, b. 4/1896, MN, d. 1919, married Adeline Stone (JCB)


>          >          Abraham,, b. 12/1898, MN, d. 1981,married Alma (JCB)


>          >          Louis, b. 1904, d. 1955, married Francis Lapidus (JCB)


>          >          Edith Frank, b. 1912, d. 1991, married Sidney Frank (JCB)


>          >          Daniel, b. 1917, d. 1991, married Irene Moses (JCB)


>          Nellie (Chaya Necha) Sains, b. abt. 1869, Simnas, married Aharon (Aaron) Sains. They immigrated from London, where he had a brother with the last name of Zanes or Zaines. (DK) They are buried at the Sons of Abraham cemetery. She arrived in 1908 with her mother and her five children [ARR266]


>          >          Sarah Mintz, b. 1894, d. 1954 [CEM010-SD], married to Harry Mintz. He was the son of Julia (Effron) Mintz (see above). They were cousins.


>          >          Dorothy, b. abt. 1896. Never married (JCB)


>          >          Rose Klass, b. abt. 1897, married Louie Klass


>          >          Francis, b. abt. 1903. Never married (JCB)


>          >          Leslie (Lazarus), b. abt. 1904, married Betty (JCB)


Additional Levenson descendents from the family tree assembled by Jo Ann Cohen Bleu can be found at appendix item GEN033-SD.


According to Ada Green, a Katie/Fannie Affron of Newburgh, NY was married to a Harry Levinson, part of the large Levinson family of Newburgh. There is no reason to believe that he was part of this Levinson family, but since one of the Rosenschein’s was in the NY area, perhaps a Levinson could be as well. [INT022B]